GMP Music Publishing was founded in Melbourne in 1998 and apart from providing administrative and copyright management services also regularly publishes sheet music and compilation song books in print and digital formats with a strong focus on music for ballroom dancing in traditional styles such as waltz, tango, cha cha and samba to the more contemporary and very popular Latin styles including salsa, cumbia, bolero, bachata, merengue and also swing and Euro pop. GMP is the only Australian music publisher producing and promoting this type of artistic work for the benefit of musicians who wish to include in their performing repertoires new original music by Australian composers specifically aimed at their performing situations. Songs penned by GMP writers have become standards in the performances of all manner of combos from one man bands to full orchestras that week in week out provide music in hotels, clubs, restaurants, dance halls, cruise ships and a myriad of other venues where music for dancing is featured. GMP supports writers and musicians with a like-minded passion and vision for quality music and assists them by promoting their music to the appropriate users. All of the music mentioned on this web site is copyright of GMP and the relevant artists and where downloading is permitted (via the members page) please ensure you read and understand the important information contained in the Copyright Notice.