Peter Paul Buhne & F.D.I.

Peter Paul Buhne (Paul) made his musical debut as a drummer in a group which he helped form called "Perpetual Motion". Throughout the many rehearsals and performances at Sydney venues that were to follow, Paul found time not only to appear on television shows such as Channel Ten's New Faces but also to start writing poetry besides music.

In 1979 his first book "If I" was published and this was followed shortly after by the publication of another book "Endless Thoughts". He was later to receive the "International Prize of Participation" for poetry at the "Il Fuedo" staged in Europe.

It was during that time that Paul met Tony Buono who was to become a long standing friend, collaborator and integral member of the F.D.I. team. They decided to direct most of their efforts towards a European market composing songs of a pop, soft-rock nature, including some where the lyrics pack a definite punch in their desire to make a social statement about contemporary society.

Their commitment saw the release in 1995 of their first album "Un Attimo In Paradiso" featuring the voice of Julian Mylor.Subsequently, Paul and Tony were joined in their songwriting efforts by Paul's father (a poet himself) and the trio became known as F.D.I. This led to the release of a second album - "Merry Christmas From F.D.I." featuring the beautiful voice of the late Shirley Thomas.

Their songs have been keenly sought by artists participating in events such as the International Song Festival staged in Melbourne and the Italian Song Festival Of Sydney - an event where F.D.I. themselves made their first appearance as performers at the world famous Sydney Opera House.

Invariably F.D.I. compositions have always figured in the top placings at these events - in 1997 a second place for their song "Anche Per Me" performed by Suzie - in 1999 a third placing with a song co-written with singer-songwriter Alfio Bonanno. That same year Paul collaborated with prominent writer Leon Berger to pen a song for young vocalist Alex Bartuccio - the song (eventually third placed) was performed to critical acclaim at the International Song Festival held at the prestigious Palladium within the Crown Casino Complex in Melbourne.

Towards the end of 1999 F.D.I. released a long awaited third album titled "Ditemi Voi" - this time featuring the voice of none other than Peter Paul Buhne himself! This CD truly showcased the rare talents of F.D.I. as artists of exceptional quality and creativity.

Their music is broadcast on numerous specialized radio programs and stations such as SBS, Rete Italia, 2RDJ Sydney, Radio Incontro 88.9FM and Movimento 98.5FM of Sydney, 6EBA Perth, Radio Fremantle, 5RTI Adelaide to name just a few, and reviews have appeared in diverse publications ranging from La Fiamma newspaper to Stagecraft Magazine.

Seven F.D.I. compositions, performed by various artists including Ricky Giuliano and Maria Maroulis, feature on the compilation CD Italian Love Mix released by GMP.

F.D.I. also released a CD album produced and arranged by Shane O'Farrell with the collaboration of Peter Paul's brother Lorenzo Buhne.

March 2009 saw the international release of the film "Two Fists One Heart" by renowned Australian producer David Elfick which includes, in various scenes, three songs composed and performed by F.D.I.

F.D.I. then embarked on an ambitious project involving creating original music set to poems by prominent Italian writer and poet Cristiana Maria Sebastiani.

The group worked hard arranging and recording and the result was a ten track CD titled "Bosco Dell'Anima" with the underlying theme of the poems being the writer's home region of Umbria and in particular the city of Perugia in central Italy.

A number of notable musicians performed in the production including pianist Tatyana Dunlop and saxophonist Lee Hutchings along with long time F.D.I. collaborator guitarist Shane O'Farrell.

Peter Paul subsequently spent three months in Italy promoting this project with positive results as testified by various newspaper reviews and invitations to appear on a number of TV and radio programs.

FDI continue to produce their particular brand of original music including a release of instrumental songs on a CD titled "Stimulation", a title that augers well for the future of this talented group.
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