Amedeo Bazzarelli

Songs written from the heart and delivered with fiery passion have been the essential ingredients of a musical career spanning over forty years and which have rightly gained Amedeo Bazzarelli the title of undisputed Calabrian voice of Australia.

The second son of a modest working class family from the picturesque town of Amantea in the Italian region of Calabria, it became obvious at an early age that Amedeo had inherited a beautiful singing voice from his late father Gennaro and uncles Tommaso and Giuseppe, all affirmed singers in their own right.

In fact Amedeo was only seven when he was awarded a prize for Outstanding Young Talent after participating at a musical event held in the famous ski resort of Cortina D’Ampezzo.

But the road to achieving the recognition he enjoys today was one full of torment and difficulties which Amedeo managed to conquer only through sheer determination and the will power to succeed in such a competitive field.

Amedeo began performing at functions, festivals and in night spots dotted along the Mediterranean coast with a repertoire consisting mainly of Neapolitan classics and hits from then in vogue Italian stars such as Mino Reitano, Massimo Ranieri, Gianni Morandi and Adriano Celentano.

But Amedeo also revealed a creative streak, a gift he shared with his brother Franco, and so began writing his own songs which quickly became successful additions to his performing repertoire.

In the early seventies Amedeo decided to move to Melbourne where his melodic voice, affable nature and fresh new songs ensured it did not take long for him to become a favorite of the local Italian community.

Not only did he become a regular performer in clubs and at private functions all over Melbourne and country Victoria, he went on to be a regular participant in special musical events held in most Australian cities including Adelaide and Perth.

Amedeo has also along the years gained recognition and won awards in events such as the International Song Festival staged in various prestigious venues in Melbourne and Sydney.

One of the most memorable was at a song festival held in the harbor city where he had the privilege of presenting and performing, to critical acclaim, one of his own original compositions at the world famous Sydney Opera House.

Amedeo has written well over one hundred songs, some romantic, some nostalgic, some which address the many social issues that confront today’s society, and all of which have been recorded and released on a number of CDs launched throughout the years.

Many of these songs, “Barriere”, “Viva L’Australia”, Addio Amore Addio Felicita” and "Festa Italia", to cite just a few, have become virtual standards and are continually requested wherever he performs while many have also been recorded by other artists both in Australia and Italy.

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