Eddie Staszak


In Australia the earliest mention of the accordion hails way back to the mid 1800’s which means the land down under has had ample time to nurture quality accordionists that have held, and can hold, their own on any world stage.

One of the current crop of world class exponents is Eddie Staszak whose professionalism and dedication to this instrument has rightly earned him a place amongst Perth’s premiere accordionists.

Born in the beautiful West Australian capital Eddie was introduced to the accordion at a very young age and it wasn’t long before he began receiving recognition and gaining awards participating in music competitions.

With the accordion Eddie subsequently also encompassed classical piano in his music studies and along the years has performed with a multitude of professional musicians including members of the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

The significant European migration in the 1950’s from countries where the accordion is recognised amongst their national instruments such as Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Bosnia and Croatia has ensured that this instrument is invariably present at community functions from weddings to bar mitzvahs to national feast days and concerts.

But it’s not just at these functions Eddie is always very much in demand but also at corporate events and gala evenings at five star establishments providing music either as a soloist or with his combo Trio Alegra.

Eddie has performed in all of Perth’s major venues including His Majesty’s Theatre, Crown Towers Hotel & Casino, Perth Convention & Business Centre, Government House, Subiaco Theatre and just about every upmarket city restaurant not to mention memorable shows performed across the other side of the continent in Melbourne and Canberra.

From the recording studio Eddie has to date released a total of nine CD albums some of which are solo productions and others featuring collaborations with various artists but all of which include covers of popular songs mixed with original compositions.

One album titled “The Magic Of Piccini” recorded by his Trio Alegra comprising Eddie, Laura Mitchell and Corinne Brokken is dedicated entirely to compositions by the late Australian accordionist extraordinaire Peter Piccini.

GMP looks forward to including compositions by Eddie Staszak in forthcoming publications in the knowledge that originals by this talented artist may well become standards in the performing repertoires of many a combo in Australia and indeed around the world.

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