Peter Piccini


The late Peter Piccini, born in Sydney, made his first solo appearance as an accordionist at a school concert when he was only seven years old and although he showed promise on that occasion he did not begin studying seriously until he reached the age of fourteen.

Peter began earnestly to learn the secrets of the accordion from his father Peter Piccini Snr - known as the "Daddy" of the accordion in Australia since he was the first to introduce the piano keyboard on the accordion in this country.

Peter Jnr started broadcasting for national and commercial radio stations at the age of fifteen and appeared in many state performances. He subsequently went to Europe to broadcast for the BBC, made several television appearances and also performed at the famous club Pigalle as accompanist for the French singer Line Renuld.

During this time Peter also toured Italy with the famous Claudio Villa, one of Italy's most respected and much loved popular singers, appearing together on television, radio, stage productions and of course recordings.

Later in the sixties Peter, now also playing piano and joined by his wife Fina, was to return to Europe for a long stint performing with leading orchestras throughout the continent. On return to Australia Peter was appointed Musical Director of the Channel 9 Television Network and also began broadcasting for the ABC.

In the late sixties he toured Vietnam with an all Australian concert party entertaining Australian and US forces and this was followed in the seventies by further tours of Europe and the USA.

Peter performed in many prestigious venues not only overseas but of course also in Australia and particularly in Perth where he was always very much in demand as a leading arranger and conductor. Numerous recordings of covers and originals were released by him along the years on various labels including Cetra and Clarion Records.

The list of artists with whom Peter worked is endless and just to name a few includes Frank Ifield, Gerry Gee, Graham Kennedy, Samantha Sang, Johnny Young, John Farnham, Denis Walter, Matt Monro, Bettie Curtis, Debra Byrne, Normie Rowe, Col Joy, Barry Crocker, Max Bygraves, The Deltones, The Drifters, Ricky May and the BBC Variety Orchestra.

In late 2004 Perth outfit Trio Alegra released a CD comprising of fourteen songs all composed by Peter. These three professional musicians, Eddie Staszak, Laura Mitchell and Corinne Brokken, perform regularly at concerts, festivals and functions and Peter's original works have become a constant feature of these performances.

GMP wishes to pay tribute to a gentleman who has been one of Australia's finest musical entertainers and whose distinguished career justly earned him the respect and admiration only afforded to those truly gifted artists.

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