Ross Talarico


There is a whole new generation of young musicians who are rediscovering the challenge of playing some particular instruments which, either because of technology or because they were just seen as unfashionable, were fast becoming instruments of the forgotten past.

One such instrument, the accordion, is no longer confined to the dance halls of European persuasion but can now be found in many a folk and jazz ensemble as a wander through the live music venues of Melbourne's trendy Fitzroy and St Kilda suburbs will testify.

And part of this new breed is Ross Talarico who is not only an accomplished keyboard player but also one of Melbourne's leading exponents of the piano accordion.

Ross received his early instructions of this instrument from Joe Maggiore and after a few years moved on to the Andrios School Of Music where he was tutored by Tony Andrios. During this time he undertook exams in Classical Stradella Accordion and completed up to and including 8th grade (A.M.E.B.).

Further studies were to follow in gaining an Associate Diploma in Music (A.Mus.A) which also involved receiving lessons from that Melbourne icon of the piano accordion Bernadette Conlon.

During this time Ross had begun performing at concerts and also with a multicultural folk group, an experience which proved interesting and invaluable for the exposure it afforded.

By the age of eighteen Ross was in full performance mode starring in more than one band while at the same time appearing regularly with his accordion at various city restaurants playing a wide variety of classical and popular Italian melodies to the delight of the dining public.

Ross has now been with his current band for several years and they continue to be highly requested to perform at clubs, private functions, corporate and gala events.

His talents on the accordion have been showcased on a number of diverse radio stations including Rete Italia (which transmits national Australia wide programs), 3RRR Community Radio and also on ABC Radio.

Ross has performed on the accordion at numerous festivals including the famous Lygon Street Festa in Melbourne, the Italia Fest at Melbourne's Crown Casino and the Italia Fest at Wrestpoint Hotel & Casino in Hobart, Tasmania.

Ross was also on accordion as part of a thirty-piece orchestra which accompanied singers at the 2000 International Festival of Song held at Crown Casino's Showroom. And the year after he was behind the scenes providing lively accordion music for a television commercial.

Featuring the accordion is also a recently released CD titled Timeless Memories containing a selection of popular continental melodies with a sprinkling of original numbers by other GMP writers.

Although his performing and teaching schedule remains as busy as ever, Ross is somehow finding time to finally pen his own compositions and no doubt these will feature prominently in forthcoming GMP publications.

It goes without saying that GMP is delighted to have within its stable of writers such a dedicated young musician, a fine example of that "whole new generation" with which we began this particular profile.

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