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Love Songs Vol.1

This collection of five romantic ballads by singer/songwriter Michael Rossi includes Goodbye Italy which has been recorded by various artists and remains to date one of his most successful works.
ISMN M-7200-4055-4 View song list.

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Let's Dance Vol.3

Let's Dance Vol.1 and Vol.2 have been embraced by a myriad of bands and orchestras that provide music in a multitude of venues for the demanding ballroom dancer. This volume features nine numbers including three of the eternal favorite, the tango.
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Let's Dance Vol.2

The tango is very much in vogue these days, as testifies the many Tango Clubs which have appeared in recent years. There are four among the list of ten songs in this collection.
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Accordion Of Oz Vol.1

The Accordion Of Oz series particularly directed to the instrument synonymous with the musical styles (tango, waltz, polka etc.) much loved by the millions of ballroom dancers the world over.
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Nello Giansiracusa Songbook Vol.1

Berklee graduate Nello Giansiracusa remains one of Australia's more enthusiastic exponents of the bossa nova rhythm made famous by the late Antonio Carlos Jobim. The bossa features prominently in this collection of twelve works. ISMN M-7200-4019-6 View sample song.

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Sheet Music

A selection of sheet music published by GMP is periodically made available free of charge to visitors of this website insofar as the conditions outlined in the Copyright Notice are strictly adhered to. View the PDF downloads page.